Thursday, January 1, 2009

Happy 2009!!!

Mixed emotions on a new year....I feel old. How can another year pass so quickly??? How can my Zoe almost be 5???? How can this happen so fast??????

We had a wonderful Christmas! We spent about 4 hours watching everyone open their presents one by one. It was terrific! New Years was quiet. Just Scott, me and the little girls. Everyone else was gone. We had a nice dinner, Scott gave me a great massage, then we went to sleep by 11.....hence missing the midnight phone call from Mel & Terri.

Zoe is doing awesome!!! She isn't coughing and her nose is drying out some. Today she had a ton of energy, we take that as a good sign that she is doing well. Now just to get her weight back up! She is looking thinner to me, not as full in her arms, legs and cheeks. Always something.

I liked how some people recapped 2008....I'm going to recap a few things...

My kids did awesome in swim team...2 of them earned the most points for their age group!!

I got to fly to NY, stay with Mel, meet in person: Terri, Jane, Joni, Graves, Jeanne, Amy and Peter. I had the best time, fell in love with Jazz and Mel.....

Zoe was hospitalized 4 times between December and November.

Team Zoe for Life raised almost $10,000.00!!!!!!!!

I got to meet and become friends with Tammy Cochran.

We lost our house due to finances...moved closer to Scott's he drives 100miles one way everyday instead of 140 miles.
Graves visited us...ate dinner...spent the night...we had a great time!

I have some very wonderful people in my life that I could not do without.....

My dad and mom visited...I love them so very much and wish I could see them even more!

Life is terrific....I cherish every moment and am going to try really hard this year to look at things more positive.
I pray you all have a very blessed 2009!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


  1. I am so glad to see that Zoe is starting to feel better!
    Wishing you the best in 2009!

  2. Hi from Maine! Fellow CF Mom, found your site through your husband. Our pulmonologist is old school and has been doing lungs for 33 years. He had us give our son, Trevor, a glass of milk with chocolate Ovaltine each night to gain weight. It worked very well.

    Keep up the good fight,

  3. Glad to see Zoe is feeling better!
    Happy New Year!