Sunday, June 21, 2009

Happy Dad's Day!!!

Happy Dad's Day !!!! We have had a lovely day! Scott worked until 11, came home, we swam in the pool all afternoon, I read my new cook book, then we did treatments, started par-boiling the ribs for Scott's Dad's day dinner! It was then time to make the salad...I normally do this myself....but considering the girls have a garden (totally organic...yeah!!!) and we have our first cucumber and yellow pepper from it....I thought it would be great if we did it together! Zoe got to "cut" something for the very first time. Of course I have this "kid proof" knife that I had ordered from Pampered Chef YEARS ago. It is awesome! You can saw and saw.....but not cut yourself!
The garden!!

Madison, Sydney, Zoe cutting their veggies!!1

Zoe is still doing awesome! Yeah!

I hope you all had a very terrific Dad's day and weekend!!


Saturday, June 13, 2009

This weeks happenings....

I feel so blessed lately. Honestly. To go months without being in the hospital in the CF world. Wow. It's almost like I can live a "normal" there such a thing in the CF spectrum? Don't know. If anyone has the answer....let me know.
Anyways...we were invited to the "Dream Night at the Zoo". It is just for children with medical issues. A night where you can go to the zoo, ride the carousel to your hearts content (normally $2.00 a ride), pet the stingrays (normally $2.00), feed the giraffes (normally $2.00), ride the train (normally $4.00) a dinner they made.....had popcorn, icecream, drinks......ALL FOR FREE!!!! It was so awesome! Zoe and the girls rode the carousel 4 times!!!!!!! It is Zoe's favorite part of the zoo. Of course, she loves the maze also......

Alex, Madison, Sydney, Zoe on the metal elephant

the giraffe feeding!!!
the walkway through the zoo

we are home to the Jacksonville Jaguars Football naturally we have Jaguars at our zoo....the mommy Jaguar just had her first baby....his name is Harry....isn't he cute????????

Zoe at the wishing well....she literally does not pass up the chance to make a wish...whether it be a 'wishing flower' or a 'wishing fountain'....we have to do them all....

the carousel that we rode 4 times!!

exiting the maze......

famous Florida Manatee picture

getting a little tired now.....

this is the view from the walking path at the zoo....the river in Jacksonville.....absolutley BEAUTIFULL!!!!

girls making "projects" for when Ms. Mel comes to visit......still have to wonder....Mel....

tonight, I cut my foot somehow...don't know how...all I know is all of a sudden I saw a blood trail all along the kitchen floor.... my family came to my rescue....including the "boo-boo bunny" that Sydney insisted on being on my foot....Zoe received the "boo-boo bunny" as a gift last time she was in the hospital....

now, they had to put a bandaid on it.....MOM is ALL fixed up now!!! It has been a good weekend so far.... Zoe has been doing very well health wise. We feel very blessed! Almost like a normal family........except always waiting for the 'other shoe' to drop....doesn't CF suck??? Take care all......

Thursday, June 4, 2009

Sundaes and homemade salsa....

Last night we had sundaes! Actually I should clarify this.....the GIRLS had sundaes.....I had a glass of wine... Considering the fact that Scott and I have started back on our Weight Watchers and working out....sundaes just don't quite fit in to the picture. Uggghh.

But tonight....I got to COOK again! I made California Fish Tacos....with a homemade salsa that Scott helped me make!! It turned out very yummy-and low in calories/fat!

I think the worse thing about me dieting is the fact that I can't spend my 1-2 hours in the kitchen, listening to my 'chillin mom-making dinner cd', having a glass (or two) of wine, and creating a meal for everyone to enjoy. I LOVE this part of my day. When we are dieting...we tend to do a Lean Cuisine, salad, tons of veggies. BORING!!!!
Sooooo....tonight I send you pics of sundaes....that I don't dare go NEAR....and the homemade salsa that Scott and I made....which is kind of pica in case you were wondering...(pica means HOT in spanish!)! Oh so fresh though! YUMMMM!

Hope you all have a great weekend! Take care of you and yours!