Sunday, December 2, 2012

Merry Christmas!!!

I guess the old saying, "No news is good news" applies to my posting blogs....
I didn't mean for it to be over 3 months since posting....but it is actually because the saying must be true!
Zoe has been wonderfully well since her 3 weeks of antibiotics in August!! I'm pretty sure this is the longest she has gone without oral antibiotics to treat a cough/infection in... I can't remember how long!!! :-)
We truly feel blessed!

Alex, Madison, Sydney and Zoe are all taking Kung Fu, Jiujitsu, and Gung fu...they all absolutely love it! It's been amazing to watch them learn the different stances. They have already received several stripes on their white belts.
Zoe cannot do the full impact parts, like sparring or the Jiujitsu due to her Port A Catheter. Which, by the way, has been amazing for her!! Her anxiety about going into the hospital is pretty much all gone. We apply a numbing cream to her Port site an hour before any needle is put into she feels zero pain. IV's are no longer a horrible anxiety issue for her.

We spent a lovely Thanksgiving in south Florida with Scott's wonderful parents. They spoiled us with tons of amazing food, fishing and boat trips! They are such a blessing to us!!

We are now gearing up for Christmas! House is finished being the baking and shopping starts. All the kids will be here this year except Dalton. Donna and our grand baby, Ella, will be here though. Dalton has a job opportunity to get his foot in the door at a business close to us....hard choices have to be made sometimes in order to look out for your family's future. We will miss him terribly!

I hope and pray that you and your's are doing just as amazing as we are right's crazy how 3 months of your daughter not being sick can make you "almost" feel normal.

Take care of YOU and YOUR'S.....


Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Well just a quick update.... After three weeks on IV abx our Zoe looks, sounds, and feels well! She actually blew a 106 fir her PFT's.... Nice! Thank you for all the prayers, positive thoughts, and support as we help Zoe in her fight against this horrible, genetic, life-shortening disease we call cystic fibrosis.... Take care of you and yours!! ~Scott

Wednesday, July 11, 2012

A few more misc Zoe pics .... 

I thought I would post some older pics of Zoe.... It's amazing the difference!!  As far as an update goes... Jada received the results from Zoe's latest sinus scan and she has polyps growing again .... Due to the CF obviously.... I really hate CF! Sooo we will put her on another regimen of steroids, Cipro, and culturelle and see how she reacts. After this she will have another CF Clinic visit with her Pulmonologist docs, perhaps another scan, and we will re-evaluate her. Hopefully the meds will take care of it and she won't have to have sinus surgeries again.... Love your precious children.... Life's too short!!! Scott.... AKA Zoe's daddy :-)

Sunday, June 17, 2012