Friday, January 23, 2009

A Lovely Blog Award

I just realized last night that I needed to post my lovely blog award.....sometimes I'm just a little sloooowww on figuring these things out. Ugghh.

I feel so honored...I have received 2 of these from new blog friends! Wow! Thank you guys!

First one is from M... second one is from Jessie...

The award is for those that step out of their comfort zone and meet new blogging buddies. Everyone I have met through blogging already has I'll just say....lovely meeting you all have LOVELY blogs!!! :)

Have a Lovely day....



  1. Hey Jada,
    Breezy will be 5 in June, time goes by so fast :) Breezy has had some bacteria come back from past cultures including pseudomonas.I'm calling in tomorrow to see if they got her results from this weeks apt.Is Zoe on Tobi or zithromax?

  2. Well Dr.Schaffer Diagnosed her and started most of her meds. And we have seen Lang in clinic a lot but not always. Who does Zoe see?
    I'm the brown hair lady in the first new york photo on the slide show. The blonde lady is Breezy's Aunt Ginger :)

  3. I have meet Hudak but she had never treated Breezy.I do like everyone and the care so far. We live about an hour away are you local to the clinic? Do you have at 23 year old? You don't look old enough. How many children do you have and Zoe is the only one with CF?

  4. I am glad that you found my blog and that I am able to read yours :) Zoe is adorable and I am sorry to hear that she has been having a rough time with her sinus'. I look forward to 'getting to know you' through reading your blog.