Monday, April 14, 2008

Wednesday was the Princess Wishes Tea Party! It was done extremely well, I was impressed. They decorated the inside of an old beautiful church, it actually looked like a little castle! Of course just like I figured would happen, Zoe was extremely nervous and shy. She hid behind me most of the time. Finally towards the end of the lunch, she decided she wanted to go say hi to the Cinderella and Belle. So, up we go to try to get the picture I so wanted. Well, she stood there, but I couldn't get a smile for anything!!:brokenheart; She had a good time though, especially when she got home and could tell her sisters all about it.
The next night we went to the Disney Princess on Ice show that they had given us 6 tickets to! "They" being "Dreams Come True". They did the Princess Tea and gave us the tickets, it was so wonderful of them. Also at the tea, they gave Zoe an official program, light-up Cinderella toy, crown, coloring book, tons of hair stuff, nail polish, lip glosses, jewelry, the beautiful dress she is wearing in the picture, etc...The ice show actually was amazing. Very professional ice skaters! They even had a dragon that blew real flames onto the ice!! The kids loved it! We were sitting with the other "Dreams Come True" kids at the show, one of them I had talked to her mom at the tea for a few minutes, never sharing what was wrong with our girls. At the show I found out she has Leukemia, but is in full remission. Her dad said that type she has is 90% curable after treatments, so they fully expect her to never have a reoccurance. I was very happy for them. Then he asked about Zoe, we told him she has cf, he pondered for minute then asked, is it curable?? We said, no, not yet. He gave us his empathy. It was amazing seeing all these little girls together, all with their own medical problems, all princesses in their hearts. Sad, but amazing.

Zoe is still coughing and clearing her throat a lot. We only have one more week on the Bactrim. I hope it all clears up before then. I know it is probably the da#@ MRSA raising its ugly head again. We will just continue the fight.

We have had some great responses in the fund raising department though! Our dear friends, Michael & Theo had a recruitment dinner at their home Sunday evening. It went really great! They had an excellent turn out, we met some very nice people who truly seem very concerned. It was heart warming. We have received a little over $1000.00 in the mail this week!! Yeah!!! The walk is in two weeks!

Good night and thank you for reading....please continue to pray for our precious Zoe....and all of our friends with cf fighting the fight everyday.



Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Birthday happenings...

Our little girl is four!! She had a wonderful birthday celebration! Her favorite thing right now is anything that has "Princesses and Princes". She is my girlie girl for sure.

We received a surprise phone call last week from "Dreams Come True". This week here in Jacksonville is the "Disney Princesses on Ice" show. So, Dreams Come True is doing a Princess tea party tomorrow. They invited Zoe! They will do hair, make-up, games, have lunch & tea of course, she also will get her very own princess dress to keep and there will be 2 of the Disney Princesses there!! She is going to be so excited, I can hardly wait to see her face. Our family is also going to receive tickets to actually go see the opening night of the ice show on Thursday night! We have never been to see one because of the expense of the tickets, we feel very blessed!

I haven't written in a while, so updates are needed on Zoe's health. The 'cold' went away, but a cough set in. So, 2 weeks ago she was put on Bactrim. Today is the 2 week mark, if she was 100%, then we could stop the Bactrim, if not, 2 more weeks. Uggghhh, still not all cleared up. Here we go with 2 more weeks. This cycle we run with gets tough.

On a good note, we sent out our Great Strides letters last week and received our first donations yesterday! $150.00 already!!! Yeah!!! We also received a CFF blanket from one of Scott's Uncles! We have a tradition around here once we start receiving the "Zoe for Life" donations back in the mail, the kids always want to be the one to go to the mailbox to see if we got one that day! You can watch from the window to see their expressions as they are looking through the pile, they smile & start yelling if we get one! It is so heart warming their love for their sister and a cure. I have a dear friend that is doing a 'Recruitment' dinner at her house for our team on Sunday, her family has really jumped on board to help, it is humbling. Then last night, yet another surprise, I received an e-mail from my friend that I have been friends with for 18 years, she is in charge of a huge home schooling network. She wrote up a fantastic letter and sent it out to over 600 families!!!! I cried. We feel so blessed to have all these people concerned for our Zoe.

Have a great day!