Monday, December 19, 2011

We went on another road trip last sister, Alana, her kids, myself, and our kids. It was quite fun all crammed into our Expedition....8 people and 2 dogs!!!
We went to the mountains of Tn. to visit our parents. There was some lingering snow laying around that they had fun making snowballs and miniature snow men with. 
Our parents are doing great! They look terrific as always! We also got to visit with our brothers and sisters. Many laughs were shared!! What a blessing to have such a wonderful family!!

Zoe cultured 2 bacteria in her last culture. So, she is on Bactrim again. :-( 
Her pfts dropped a couple of points, so something else to keep an eye on. 
Everyone is well and super excited about Christmas!!
Dalton and Donna have moved in with us for now...they're finally out of New Jersey!! And home where they belong!! They're first baby (our first grand baby) is due in May!!! We are all very excited!!
I'll update in a couple of days....with some new pics!
Take care of you and yours....