Sunday, December 14, 2008

Good Surgery!!

Zoe's 2nd sinus surgery on Monday went very well! She still had some packing in her sinus cavity, so they removed that, cleaned her out again, took cultures and finished up in less than 45 minutes. Her O2 was great right after, holding around 96-99! She had her regular CF clinic appt. on Friday. These cultures came back clean also! So, she is still antibiotic free as of right now. She is recovering well, Dr. said she has a lot of 'boogers' in her nose for just getting cleaned out, but her ENT doc said she will have some drainage, etc... for a couple of weeks.

The yucky news was that Zoe had lost over a pound. Since her diagnosis, when we got her caught up on the charts, that was the last time we have ever heard anything about her weight. She has been in the 75-90%. It took a lot of work to get her there...but she has steadily been gaining since diagnosis. I think one of the things that has hurt us the most is that about 2 months ago, she decided that milk and Ranch dressing all taste weird now. She won't drink milk at all now and quit dipping everything in Ranch. She had always drank 8oz. of whole milk mixed with half & half at every meal. Now all she will drink is WATER!! Ugghh.

So, one of the things we are going to try is 15mg. of zinc a day. Her doc and nutritionist said that sometimes when things suddenly taste different or yucky, it can be a zinc deficiency. We all agreed it wouldn't hurt to try. They want to see her in 2 months instead of 3, to check her weight.

Thank you all for praying for Zoe's O2 to be good after this surgery....prayers were heard and answered!!

Have a wonderful week...


Sunday, December 7, 2008

Surgery Again Tomorrow...

We have had a nice weekend...took the kids to see Santa yesterday. We take them to a local realty office that has a 'real' Santa every year, so the girls get to see the same guy. They also have a little train ride that Zoe loves. I like to take them there because I feel that Zoe is exposed to a less germs than the typical 'mall Santa'.

Then I picked up my oldest daughter, Tara, who came home with us for the weekend. She babysat last night so Scott and I could do a little shopping and go have dinner. We ended up spending the whole time in one store, Ross, got some presents, then we were hungry and the pizzeria I wanted to go to had closed already! I must say, I do hate that part about being away in a smaller town now, everything closes so early! So we drove towards home, picked up a pizza at Papa Johns and ate pizza on our cozy bed.

Today we went to church, dropped all the kids off at the house, except Tara, Zoe and myself. We went to lunch and did a little shopping.

Now I am home, making baked brie, drinking a new wine Keeley told me about and starting to think about Zoe's surgery tomorrow. Uggh. Please pray that her O2 stays stable this time, so we can go home quickly. She has started a cough/clearing throat again yesterday, and her nose is driving her crazy running constantly since the last surgery.

Thank you all for your continued prayers! I pray that you and yours are doing well...



Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Culture Results....

Yesterday was Zoe's follow-up after sinus surgery and pre-op physical for her next sinus surgery on Monday. I was absolutely shocked to find out that both of her cultures from her sinuses and her throat came back completely CLEAN!! They did not grow anything! I asked her doctor how sinuses that were completely full of thick, yellow mucus and pus could culture zero bacteria??? Amazes me. CF baffles me. Then there are the clinic visits where she seems like all is great and they call a week later saying she cultured some weird, nasty bacteria!?!? Don't get me wrong...I am THRILLED that she actually left clinic for the first time in I can't remember without having to get a script filled for an antibiotic!

So the plan is for her second surgery Monday. Please keep her in your thoughts and prayers that her O2 won't drop like last time. That was a little scary for us.

I have to share something that I thought was hilarious. On Zoe's check out paper from clinic yesterday her doctor wrote:

Patient Instructions:

-Ok off abxs

-Medically clear for 2nd look sinus surgery Dec. 8

-Ask ENT to repeat CF culture from tracheal aspirate

CF FU as scheduled

CF FU......MY THOUGHTS EXACTLY!!!!!!!!!!! LOL!!!!

Have a great day.....