Friday, April 25, 2014

Zoe is our HERO!!!

Zoe was admitted Wednesday after fighting a cough for a couple of months. She went in for her clinic sick follow up after being seen just 2 weeks prior. In that 2 weeks time, she had lost 3.8 pounds (which is not good for a person with CF), was tired, short of breath and her pft's (pulmonary function test) had dropped from 95% to 65%.
After admission, they ordered a chest x-ray. The results were not news that we wanted to hear...she has Atelectasis (partial collapsed lung) again. Iv antibiotics were started along with 4 breathing treatment and chest physical therapies a day.
On Thursday her Dr. did a bronchoscopy. Always a scary OR procedure for a little one, sedation and scoping the inside of her lungs. Her Dr. found a large, thick mucus plug in her upper right airway. After using saline to loosen and dilute it, he was able to suction most of it out for cultures.
These cultures will hopefully show us what is growing bacteria wise in her lungs, so we can properly treat it.
Zoe is in good spirits! It seems no matter how much these little children with CF go through....they are tough! She is our HERO!!!
We will be in the hospital until next week sometime and then hopefully will be able to go home and finish her IVs there.
Next month on May 17th is Zoe's walk for the CFF. Please consider joining us in this fight for a cure! You can visit her page at :
Sign up to help raise money....join us at her walk....donate....share...anything you can do will help!! Every dollar and prayer matters!!!!
Thank you more than you'll every know! We can't fight this battle alone....we NEED you!

Scott, Jada and family