Friday, October 22, 2010

Update on Zoe and visit today from Graves

Mr. Graves will be visiting today! It's kind of the running joke to call him 'Mr. Graves' because the kids do. We will be making alfredo....his request...of course no complaints around here....the family loves it also! I'm sure there will be plenty talking, laughing and wine!
This will be the first time I've seen Graves since we were together in NY in December when Mel died. Hopefully we won't cry too much....

Zoe is still doing fantastic! She had clinic last week. She is at 67% BMI, blew a real 3 second pft for the first time ever! She blew a 97! The only comment was that she has difficulty expelling air. Which we already knew. She gets sob when she runs across the house. Her culture came back with OSSA again. This is 2 cultures in a row, but as long as she doesn't have any symptoms, we don't treat it.

Well, have to run...dogs have a very long overdue, much needed, grooming appt.

Hope ya'll are having a beautiful, relaxing fall!

Take care of you and yours,