Monday, December 19, 2011

We went on another road trip last sister, Alana, her kids, myself, and our kids. It was quite fun all crammed into our Expedition....8 people and 2 dogs!!!
We went to the mountains of Tn. to visit our parents. There was some lingering snow laying around that they had fun making snowballs and miniature snow men with. 
Our parents are doing great! They look terrific as always! We also got to visit with our brothers and sisters. Many laughs were shared!! What a blessing to have such a wonderful family!!

Zoe cultured 2 bacteria in her last culture. So, she is on Bactrim again. :-( 
Her pfts dropped a couple of points, so something else to keep an eye on. 
Everyone is well and super excited about Christmas!!
Dalton and Donna have moved in with us for now...they're finally out of New Jersey!! And home where they belong!! They're first baby (our first grand baby) is due in May!!! We are all very excited!!
I'll update in a couple of days....with some new pics!
Take care of you and yours....

Monday, November 28, 2011

Our beautiful girls. 
Scott and his dad. 
Scott's mom and dad, Scott and girls.  
Madison and Zoe on boat. 
Sydney enjoying the boat!
Fishing time with Pa!!!
Madison caught a Redfish!
Sydney caught a Redfish!
Zoe caught a Sheephead!!

Road trip to Nana and Pa's...Zoe's service dog, Lilly, chillin....
Zoe asleep while doing treatments...Dramamine does that to our girl (she gets SUPER car sick)....Madison in the back with oodles of poodles!!!
Happy Thanksgiving to all!!!
We had a wonderful few days at Scott's parents house in southwest Fl. What a blessing it is to have a relaxing few days!! We feel so loved!!!
Health update on our little Zoe:
She has been on 12 weeks of oral antibiotics since the end of July. Three different kinds for 12 solid weeks. She seemed to get better after that for a couple of weeks...but now she is coughing again. CF clinic is next week, also her ENT appt. I guess the pft numbers and culture results will show us where she stands. Always scary for us. It does look like we avoided the "Fall" hospital admission. Yay!!
Hopefully we won't have a winter one.....
We LOVE Christmas around our home! It's our favorite time of year. All the kids come home for a couple of weeks. I never feel happier than I do when we're all together.
This year will be extra special because our oldest son, Dalton, and his wife, Donna, are moving south finally....from Jersey. They will be staying with us until they save for their down payment on a home. But the BEST news is that they are having a baby!!! Our first grand baby!!!!! God is great!!!! They have also just found out that Donna is NOT a CF carrier (Dalton is)!!! Which means the baby will NOT have CF!!! An answered prayer!!!
Tara will be with us also starting Christmas help with our traditional wrapping presents by fire...sipping Brandy Alexander's....setting out cookies and milk....can't wait!!!!!!
Take care of YOU and YOURS.....
For us all

Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Alright alright..... Sorry, I adore cute pics!

Why not.... A few more :-)

It's been quite awhile since we have posted.... No excuse I know, but we've been extremely busy... Overall Zoe's doing great! I'm going to post a few older pics I ran across as well :-) well...  As Jada would say... Take care of you and yours! Scott... 

Saturday, July 9, 2011

Aunt Alana, Aunt Courtney and Uncle Andrew were there for the first surgery. 
The surgeries went well. The first one took 2 hours, there was a lot of thick, infected mucus removed, along with cleaning out the ethmoid and maxillary sinus cavities. She was so infected, the swelling was pushing her septum to the side. She was in a lot of pain this time. It was very hard to see her hurting so badly. Her O2 did very well this surgery. She was discharged the next day to go home and recover for 2 weeks before the next surgery. 
This next surgery was supposed to be what is called a "second look".  Should take 30 minutes or less to go in, make sure all packing is gone, etc... After a very anxious hour and a half, Zoe's ENT came out. In 2 weeks Zoe had grown 2 huge polyps. Needless to say, her Dr and us were very shocked. It was decided at this time that Zoe had to do sinus rinses twice a day with a special compounded steroid to help keep her sinuses cleaned out as much as possible. 
Poor baby, was in more pain again. She had an issue with her O2 that night in the hospital. I watched the monitor all fluctuated between 88-91. 
In the morning, she was sitting up and feeling good enough to eat and have guests!!! Go Zoe!!! 
Hopefully these hospitalizations and surgeries will keep our girl healthy for a while. 
It was a rough couple of months for all of us. Thank you all for continuing to hold Zoe in your prayers. Eating, her friend Michaela visiting, and finally happy to be home....with her Teddy bear gift.