Sunday, January 4, 2009

I'm sure I'll pay for this tomorrow!!

Igot the sudden urge today to go on a bike ride with my family. So I trucked to Wal-Mart, bought Zoe a seat to go on the back of my bike, and a helmet for her. Scott spent an hour installing it to make sure it was safe. Then we hit the road.

My butt hurt on the little 10-speed seat, so I switched to the bike with the Zoe seat. My butt was good on this one, but the seat pushed my body forward so I was having to hold my entire body weight up with my arms.

Soooo.....tomorrow I figure my butt, legs and arms will be killing me. It was fun though!

Here are some pics!
Zoe is doing well! No coughing, not much of a runny nose anymore either! She is eating Breyers Vanilla Icecream at this very moment....hopefully we will see her weight back up in Feb. at clinic.
Take care all,


  1. I'm glad you got to go bike riding as a family - even if you will be sore today!

    Glad Zoe is doing well, also!