Sunday, January 18, 2009

Playing with my blog!

In case you didn't I have been 'playing' with my blog. I want to be able to change out things on when you get the 'urge' to change the living room furniture around! :) At first I was looking into paying someone to make me a beautiful blog like so many I have seen....but money talks...and considering we are trying to conserve to pay things like....BILLS...I decided to do TONS of research on the internet to see if there was anything I could do myself. Soooooo I will keep playing with all this new info I keep finding until I get it right. Please bear with me.

Zoe is still 'cough', 'throat-clearing', 'runny-nose', FREE!! How awesome is that??? It has been a surreal few weeks. I did weigh her today. 40.5 lbs. Ugghhh. She weighed almost 43 lbs. 2 months ago. Being the first time since before diagnosis dealing with not gaining has me a little worried. I don't want this to be an issue. I don't want to even THINK about a g-tube. Yeah, I'm in denial, call it what it is. I want to 'fix' everything myself...but I can't FORCE her to eat/drink. How frustrating is it that a cf'er requires so much more calories/fat than normal kiddos.

My mom and dad get here the 27th. I can't wait! I love being with them. They are so encouraging to me. I need to be near them so much more as I get older. Hmmmm. Why does it work that way? When we are younger, have all that time with them, we don't want to have anything to do with parents, then when we get older, can't seem to get together very often, we CRAVE, NEED, CHERISH that time with them. Seems a bit backwards if you ask me!

Take care of YOU and YOURS......


  1. Wonderful job on the blog sweetheart... I love you! XO

    Your hubby...

  2. Love the new look. That big pic of Zoe I adore......

    HUGS & loving ya!

  3. i love it!! which website did you find it on? makes me want to play with my blog!!

  4. Love this! I'm not sure I knew you had a blog other than the one on the forums. If I did, I don't visit you often enough! I will try to, though!

    This is very pretty, and I love the pics of your kids. Great job! (on the blog AND the kids!)

    So glad to hear that Zoe is doing well. You probably know my feelings on the g-tube...let me just say that I hope you can avoid it, but if you can't, I will be your biggest cheerleader (and Zoe's too) through the process. The dreaded tube has done more for Emily than I can even expresss...

    Have a great week!

    Tami (izemmom)

  5. You did a GREAT job with your blog! It looks GREAT!! I wish I was that talented, my blog is kinda boring.
    Glad to hear no cough or anything!! I'll pray she turns a corner and starts eating everything in sight for ya, ok? =)

  6. Looks great! You did a good job!

    Hope Zoe can put some weight on soon.

  7. That's great that's Zoe's been doing well and I hope she starts to gain weight. My 3 yr old son, Seamus, had a g-tube put in and I dreaded it at first too but it really is a God-send. We don't have to worry about how much he eats or whether he gets enough vitamins because it's all in his tube feeds.
    I hope she continues to do well and you won't have to make that decision soon.

  8. I know how hard it is to try and get those calories in everyday...we struggle with the same thing! My son does not have a g-tube either and I am avoiding it at all cost. I know it has been helpful to others and that is wonderful but I am still trying my best to avoid it for my son. It scares me so bad....just the thought of it....maybe I'm in denial too!!
    Anyway..your blog is very pretty!! Great job!!