Wednesday, October 29, 2008

CT scan results

Good day everyone! I'm finally updating on Zoe. Since she had orals, Tobi, 3 1/2 wks. of i.v.'s, oral & Tobi, all since June, her doctors started mentioning maybe it was her sinuses giving her the cough, cough, clear throat that she does all the time.
So we saw the ENT, who ordered a CT of her sinuses. We got the results yesterday.
Yes, could very well be why she is still coughing, clearing her throat, and a bit more tired than usual. Her right is completely packed, full and bulging. Also above her left eye there is a spot that is full.
So she will be having sinus surgery November 21st. Then they will do a second 'quick' look & clean out 2 weeks later. The first surgery she will be in the hospital for 2 days. Of course they will culture everything out of her sinuses and also she (her doc) will get a culture of sputum from down her throat for pulmonology.
I hope she isn't in a lot of pain, this is really the first time she has had a surgery where they are doing something. She has had Bronchs, Endoscopies, PICC placements, but nothing before where they said she might be in some pain.
I pray this works for her and she can get a break for a bit, she hasn't had a break since that little 2 1/2 month break last Feb.

Hope you and yours are doing well....thank you for all your thoughts and prayers.


Sunday, October 26, 2008

CFF Event...Moonlight Martinis

Michael, Theo, Jada, Tammy, Scott

Hello! Thought I would post on the Moonlight Martinis Saturday night....

Saturday night was the CFF "Moonlight Martinis". We invited very dear friends of ours, Theo and Michael, my oldest daughter, Tara and my oldest son, Dalton and his wife of 3 months, Donna.

It was a fantastic night! Scott and I were invited by Star Country Media to be their guests, so we got to go to the V.I.P. meet with Tammy Cochran. It was awesome! She is such a terrific lady. You would think being a famous singer, she would be a little more 'stiff', but she isn't one bit! She is very down to earth. She has a strong bond to all of us that deal with cf and it shows. It was very strange to be holding hands with a famous person, but not really all in the same moment. (I was holding her hand to take her over to meet Theo and Michael.)

Her singing was awesome! She gave her speech, then sang "Angels in Waiting" while a video played the pics of her brothers. Then they did the "Bid for a Cure". That is where they auction off NOTHING but you bid money strictly to go for a cure. Her speech was amazing. We all were holding hands and crying. The adult cf doc was there, with his wonderful wife, and their right hand nurse(who also lost 2 brothers to CF). They stayed at our table with us, so it was a very emotional night. We made some very good friends that night, a night to never forget.

After the bid to a cure was over, Tammy decided that the CFF needed more money!!! So she got up to the microphone and announced that she personally was going to go up to every person there and frisk them for any money (coins & cash) they have on them!!! Of course she was joking about the actual 'frisking' part, but she did go up to every single person there and collect money!! She got $50.00 out of my son!! It was great!!! Only someone famous could get away with doing that!!!

Another friend of ours was there, John, he is on team Zoe for the CFF Singles group, he is such a great guy, always volunteering his time. This last hospital stay for Zoe, he called all the way from Alaska (he was on a cruise) to check on her!!

We ended the night with hugs and promises to stay in touch. I gave Tammy one of the "Breathe" bracelets. She put it on immediately. We received an e-mail from her Tuesday saying she had read Zoe's blog and watched the video, was happy she had a way to keep up with us! She said, "I still have on my 'Breathe' bracelet". What a pleasure it was meeting her!
Will post later on Zoe's health status....

Sunday, October 12, 2008

Cough, cough, clear throat.....

Hi all! Hope you and yours are doing great! We are doing not too bad.....does that make sense??? We are starting our last week of Tobi tomorrow. The oral antibiotics ended last Monday. Today Zoe coughed and cleared her throat ALL day!!! I looked in her nose...there is quite a bit of junk in there. I think Tuesday I will make her an ENT appt. She hasn't had a sinus x-ray or ct scan in a while, I think it is time. Wouldn't it be awesome if her cough cough throat clearing was all chalked up to sinuses?? I don't know though, she keeps culturing these weird bacteria..... oh always such a question????

Yes, I guess I"m babbling. I've been accused of babbling more than once...oh yeah and VERY loud might I add. I am NOT a soft spoken woman. Sometimes I wish I was. I feel like the mom on 'My Big Fat Greek Wedding', that pretty much sums up my personality.

Scott's parents were here this week for a few days on their way back to Englewood, Fl. They are truly great people. We have our 'times' of disagreement, but overall, they are truly wonderful. I feel Scott is such a wonderful husband, father, because of them.

Our Moonlight Martini's (CFF event) is Saturday night! I am sooooo excited!! Star Country Media picked our famly to be their family to talk about in their media coverage for the they are donating our tickets ($125.00 a piece!!). I think we also get to have a personal meet with Tammy Cochran before the event!! So much fun...but I am planning on having my purse FULL of tissues. She will be speaking, then ending the evening with "Angels in Waiting".....

Love to everyone tonight....hold them close...