Wednesday, August 27, 2008


It is finally official, no storms in town, so we are good to go. Zoe will be admitted tomorrow. We have to be there by 7:00 a.m. She will be having sedation, a bronchoscopy and her picc placed. Then onto her room probably until Tuesday evening.

I've waited all week, watching her, hoping that the cough would go away. I think she coughed 75-100 times yesterday. Crazy. They always ask how many times a day she is coughing, so, I tried to get an average. Sometimes you don't realize that it is that much until you try to put a number on it. Hopefully the i.v.'s will do the trick, they normally do.

We will try to update over the weekend, if not, I know Terri will for me.

Please keep Zoe in your prayers for the sedation and procedures, it is always scary when they go under sedation.

Thank you all!

Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Storm and hospital update...

Well, due to Tropical Storm Fay looming all around our area...Zoe's hospital has cancelled all non-emergency admissions for the next 2 days. Then of course, the sedation and o.r. are booked the beginning of the week, so they have her scheduled for general anes., bronchoscopy and picc placement at 9:30 Thursday the 28th.

Of course, we could hope and pray that all her coughing goes away in the meantime and she doesn't have to be put in at all!!! As Keeley and I always say...we can always HOPE!

I just received the bracelets! They came out really GREAT! I love them, I hope you all like them also. I will be getting them all seperated and organized in the next couple of days, hopefully will have them out in the mail on Saturday!

Thanks for all the well wishes for Zoe,

Monday, August 18, 2008

Moved, bracelets and hospital...

Hello all my dear friends! I haven't had computer access for over a week...ugghh. We moved into our new home last weekend. All went pretty good, my coffee table glass got broke, but Scott already had a new piece made for it at his work. We love our new home! It is very spacious, but still feels like home. The yard is huge with large oak trees. We live right on the marsh, across from Cumberland Island and right next door to the Crooked River State Park. The kids have already met the rangers and been fishing several times. It is a very laid back, quiet town where we feel much safer for the children.

I managed to get the bracelets ordered the day we were moving! They should be here anyday! I really hope they turn out nice. I wanted to write to you all about some of the wonderful notes, letters, postcards, etc... that I received with the orders. We are a very fortunate community(! I have met some wonderful people through this site. It was exciting waiting for the mail everyday to see who I would receive another envelope from! Tami(izzemom) sent an adorable note to Zoe~a funny little cartoon Pseudo guy to eat all of Zoe's Pseudo! Craig(dyza) sent absolutley beautiful postcards from Scotland! Craig said he walked though 3 hours of rain around town looking for them! One from Canada, Texas, Wa.,Pa, Ky, NY, Tn., Ar., Va., Ok., Ga., Il., Al., Oh., Wv., Ca., Ne.!!! Some very nice notes and letters!! Thank you all!! I will get the bracelets out as soon as I am able.

Now, onto Zoe....she hasn't been doing too well. She finished her oral Cipro, still had 2 weeks of the Tobi left. She was coughing worse. So they called in oral Bactrim to try. She is full of wet, mucus. We actually had another 'first' experience on Friday. I took her to her favorite place for lunch (our first outing in our new town) Chick Fil A. As her and I were standing there at the counter ordering for all 6 kiddos and myself (trying to keep the bill down) she was constantly coughing. The cashier finally looked at me and said, "Is she sick??". Uggghhh. I replied, "She has Cystic Fibrosis, so she coughs, she isn't contagious." The lady was real nice, "Oh, I understand."

So we are almost done ordering when Zoe had coughed so much, she finally coughed up this puddle of white and pink mucus on the floor in front of her and I. She didn't know what to do, I quickly grabbed my wipes out of my purse and cleaned her up. She looked at me and said, "Oh mommy, I just coughed too much."
The nice cashier mopped it up, then went back to her register. Our total was $28.89. I'm now frantically looking through my purse for my debit card. Still not finding it....I told her, "Oh I am so sorry for all of this...I think it is at home, we will have to come back another time." I apoligized again, to which she replied, "No, it is fine, we have it, you are good." I just looked at her and said, "What??" "We have it m'am." Wow. The lady manager came over, signed a comp paper. I almost cried about this point. So, a crazy, sad, first episode, turned out nice. God amazes me everytime.

We also received a very lovely and generous money order from a friend of my dads, in the mail. We were completely broke after moving. We have never even met him or his wife, they just felt God wanted them to bless us. Amazing!

Anyways, all this to say I think Zoe is headed for a tune-up. Probably this week, her doc is going to be calling today to discuss seeing her. I'll let you all know. Thanks for reading if you stuck it out this long....
Take care,