Wednesday, July 29, 2009


After 5 years of having a little girl who was scared to death of getting even a drop of water on her face...........5 years of her being afraid to take a bath/shower..............5 years of her being scared to wash her hair........... Our little Zoe is swimming!!!!!!!!!!!! As of today!!!!!!!!!!! I was in the pool, she was all sunblocked, had her t-shirt on, then asked if she could sit on the steps. I said sure! Next thing I know is, I've convinced her to get in with me without using her 'swim vest'. Then we started practicing doggy paddling......then I let go of her!!! She did it!! Several times across the shallow end (of course, with me right there) We are so excited.....our little girl is getting braver. Hopefully this will lead to doing things like 'nasal washes'!
Other news..... Caleb has been gone into the Army Youth Challenge Academy for almost 2 weeks now. I miss him. He will be gone for 5 months. I really hope and pray that this will enable him to grow up a bit and be ready for the big real world.
After much thought and tears, after exclusively home schooling for almost 20 years, after my 15 year old pleaded his case, we have decided to allow him to attend public high school. It was a hard decision. The school does seem to be a 'good' school. They have a complete seperate building for the 9th graders (which is what he will be), it is called the 9th grade academy. Hopefully it will all go well.
My son, Dalton, and his wife, Donna, who live in N.J., are coming to visit for the first time since Christmas!! They will be driving down. And to make it even more special, they are coming the weekend that Mel and Jazz are here! My oldest daughter, Tara, and her boyfriend, Cecil, will also be coming that weekend! It will be a crazy, wonderful time! I can hardly wait!
Zoe has had a 'yucky' nose for 2 weeks now. Still just watching it to see if it will go away on it's own.
She got her ballet leotard, tights, shoes and skirt in the mail today. She is soooo excited about starting ballet classes on the 10th. This is the first class of anything she has ever taken. She loves to watch ballet. Of course, I am nervous. The first thing she has ever done outside of her cf world. Being around other girls....I start with all the what if's.......what if they tease her about her throat clearing/coughing/ her nose being congested, her big tummy, her gas, you know..... I know she can't stay protected forever.... Then there is the sickness factor, I'm hoping that parents don't send their girls to ballet class sick. ugghhh. Obviously, I'm thinking WAYYY tooooo much.
Well, I suppose this was long enough...
Take care everyone!!!

Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Clinic visit....

Zoe had clinic on Thursday. She has been doing sooooo good lately, I knew it was going to be a good visit! Her BMI is sitting right at 60%! She sounded clear....looks and acts great! She did her throat culture without crying this time. She is growing up to be quite a little lady!
Received her culture results today.....for the first time in I can't remember when....she cultured....drum rollllllll........NORMAL ORAL FLORA!!!! WOOOOHOOO!! Which explains why she has had such a good couple of months now.
We are busy swimming, doing some school here and there, dentist and ortho appts., literally just enjoying this time of 'wellness'!
Hope you all are having a lovely summer also!
Take care,