Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Zoe's first dentist appt.

Today was the day! She had been in a dentist office a few times with her siblings, but just to watch. Because of her major oral adversions and being afraid of people doing anything to her that might hurt, we had decided to wait until she was older and could understand it a bit more.

The x-rays did not happen. She gagged when the nurse tried to put them in. Thank God we found a new dentist office that works with little kids in a very calm, patient manner. They were super! She just told Zoe, "It's ok, now you know what they look like, maybe we will try again next time.".

Then we went to her room, passed by Austin's room where he was at the moment being cleaned. I thought it would be a good idea to show him to her. Guess not, because to her it looked like some woman with a mask was leaning over her brother with a "Pokey, sharp" thing. Hence, her melting down into a teary eyed crying session when we walked into her room.

The lady was super nice though, managed to talk her through cleaning her teeth (with her own toothbrush-she wouldn't let her use the electric one). Then she brushed the flouride on her teeth. The dentist, also a wonderful sweet lady, came in to look at her teeth then. The little brown spots that I was concerned about, turned out to be plaque. I first noticed them after her first sinus surgery. I thought it was something they put in her mouth during the surgery that did it. Turns out, apparantly, when your teeth are exposed to air for longer periods of times, like when under sedation and intubated, the plaque can turn color. Nothing for us to get to worried over, just keep brushing like we do. And do an over the counter flouride rinse at night right before bed. She didn't have any cavities!

Oh also, something else I learned....we always brush her teeth right after nebs and /or meds. That is a no-no. Figures. She is supposed to rinse her mouth with water, then 30 minutes later do the brushing. When you brush the teeth immediately after meds, it just grinds the meds into the teeth. Lovely. So, something else to remember....30 minutes after meds/nebs. UGGGHHH!! I told Mel, I think I will set a timer...it will be dubbed the "TEETHBRUSHING" timer.

She did NOT want a picture taken of her time at the dentist, but I snuck one in anyways. You can tell how thrilled she was with the whole dentist thing.

Have a blessed day,



  1. I had no idea that brushing teeth that soon after a treatment could cause the medicine to grind into the teeth!

    Of course I hate the fact that Zoe had to go through that, but at least it's over!

  2. She's really growing up! Getting that little lady look!

  3. That pic is too cute:)

    Thanks for the info about brushing the teeth 30 min after meds/nebs. I'll have to keep that in mind for when lil' Chris starts them.

  4. Hi –

    I ran across another CF family’s blog yesterday and it’s brought me to an entire world of CF blogs! I have an eleven year old daughter with CF (and an 8 year old daughter w/o). I hope you don’t mind if I start following yours!


  5. Just wanted to let you know that I gave you a blog award on my blog:)

    Check it out at acure4lilchris.blogspot.com

  6. Mom.. That pic of her in "the chair" is sooo cute! You ARE doing an amazing job on the great info and personal blogs- keep up the good writing!! Miss you..
    Love, Tara

  7. I think I have the same look on my face when I go to the dentist. My name is Marcus and I am a respiratory therapy student. I've recently discovered all of the CF parents out there and decided to put together a team for the local Great Strides walk.

  8. Zoe is absolutely beautiful!!!!