Saturday, February 27, 2010

I'm sorry for neglecting my blog...I just haven't felt like blogging. I am going to try to be more faithful in the updates.
The last couple of months since Mel's death have had their ups and downs for me. Sometimes I just have to cry, cry out loud, sob until I can't anymore. It helps.
Zoe has been sick the last couple of weeks, she has a sinus infection. Her clinic put her on 3 weeks of Augmentin. It seems to be helping some. Her ballet is going great, she still loves it!
It has been freezing here....all of our Hibiscuses died :( We will have to plant all new ones when we can afford it. Ugghhh.
My parents have been staying in their camper on the base here for a couple of weeks, it has been alot of fun having them over for dinner almost everyday. They will leave to go back to Tn. tomorrow. I'll miss them terribly!
Last weekend Dalton and Donna flew down from NJ for their grandmother's memorial. It was so nice to see them again. Scott and our oldest daughter, Tara, had been scheming a surprise visit from Tara for me.....she showed up last Friday night while Scott, myself and the 3 youngest girls were having dinner at our favorite place, Bonefish, I was so surprised, I hugged her forever and cried like only a mom can. So for the entire weekend I had all of our kids and my parents here....I felt blessed.
It is Great Strides time again! I have put a link on the blog where you can go to Zoe's Great Strides page. Please visit it! You can either donate online or join the team and raise money! Every dollar makes a difference!
I think that is about all the updates for now....
Thank you........
Take care of you and yours,