Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Hospital Discharge day

Today is discharge day!! They've already de-accessed her port and re-accessed it with a fresh Huber needle. She did cry a little when they put the new needle in...but we think she is still sore from the placement surgery. The plan is....2 more weeks of IV Timentin and IV Cipro, CT scan of sinuses, 4 days of Prednisone at the end of the IVs, then sinus surgery again. Poor baby....it will have been a very long, hard month on her when it's all done.
This is a picture of her portcath de-accessed. The red spot in the middle is where the Huber needle was. All the nurses said it looks wonderful! The surgeon was very conscientious about where he placed it so it wouldn't show with tank tops and swim suits! She doesn't really care either way...but it was still nice that he thought of that.
Thank you all again for everything!! You all are the BEST!!! — at Wolfson Children's Hospital.

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