Thursday, January 5, 2012

End of year 2011 post....

It truly was a very nice year.....we all learned a lot about love, patience and endurance. God is awesome! Zoe was in the hospital only 3 times....that's a blessing to our family! She is presently doing ok....has just finished over 15 weeks of oral antibiotics to fight the bacteria that she is growing in her cultures....our other wonderful children are doing fantastic!
Austin will graduate a half a year early due to his good grades....yay Austin!!! The biggest news about Austin is that he had a corneal transplant in October!! He eventually will have to have both eyes done....but so far the first eye is showing incredible improvement!!! Hopefully by the time he is 19 he can get his drivers license! He was born with cornea dystrophy.... his latest vision tests before transplant were 20/100.....pretty rough.
Zoe broke her arm!! UUUGGGHHHH!!!! First child out of 8 to need a cast!!!! Just a few weeks ago at clinic, her nutritionist told me it was time to put her on extra calcium because of the affects of Cf..... so I bought extra calcium...then 2 days later, playing on the floor (carpet) with daddy, she broke her arm....arrrrgghhh!!! Poor baby just can't catch a break.....and she just finished 3 weeks of oral antibiotics because of the 2 nasty bacteria she is growing in her cultures.
Sydney finally got her life long dream of her own puppy!!! It truly was God sent!!! They love each other sooooooo much!!!!She is solid black and soooo adorable!!! Her name is Pippy!!!
Praying you all have a blessed 2012......
Take care of YOU and YOURS......

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  1. and 2012 will be even more fantastic! I can't wait to hear all about your soon-to-be grandbaby! I am glad things are going as smoothly as can be expected. I miss you something fierce!!!