Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Hospital admission Day 1
Zoe was admitted to Wolfson Children's Hospital today due to increased wet cough, drop in pfts, a pneumonia bacteria and nasal polyps. It was a very rough day for her. 
They tried to use a medicine called Versed (often called happy juice) to keep her calm during the PICC placement. It didn't work this time. She was crying, coughing and delirious. After 2 failed attempts at threading the PICC in her left arm, a peripheral was placed. She was very shook up. 
Her cast was removed on her right arm last night so they can utilize it for a PICC.  The PICC team will have her fully sedated today for this attempt. Please pray that all goes smoothly. 
Her peripheral lasted for only one round of iv antibiotics before it failed. The iv site was extremely painful, she was in tears. It was removed at midnight last night. During the removal she got extremely pale and almost fainted. Then she promptly threw up. 
So now we are an entire day behind with the IV antibiotics, blood work and cultures. 
She is NPO today until the procedure. Hopefully it won't be too long.  
Thank you for your continued prayers and thoughts for our little Zoe. Grandma and grandpa visiting 

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  1. Hang tough Zoe! It's been a quarter of inpatient care for all the CF families we know~the PICC placement will go fine~glass half full!
    Feel better!
    Trevor's Mom (12 w/cf, too)