Thursday, September 10, 2009

Flowers and Army Camp!!

Well, today was a melancholy kind of day.....missing my company.....
After breakfast, treatments, school, the girls and I headed out to lay by the pool, swim a bit, just RELAX.:sun; It was a beautiful day. Around 91, sunny, blue skies. Perfect. BUT....I missed my girlies. Being an adult woman, hanging with kiddos all the time, really makes you appreciate the times when there is another adult woman around to talk to, drink coffee(and wine;)) with.

Anyways, updates around here are......
Caleb was home last weekend for his first pass from the Youth Challenge Academy. Oh, did I miss him. He has totally thrived in the Army environment though!:D He looks terrific! Hair all shaved, had gained 10 lbs. of muscle weight, and seems to have grown in maturity years!!! He will be back the 3rd weekend in October.

Austin is doing awesome in public high school, got his progress report today. He had a 97, 97, 95 and an 83. Not too bad.:) He also joined the wrestling team and seems to love it so far!

Alex has been sick for a few days, started out with a sore throat, stuffy nose, then headache, then cough, now the sore throat is better, just a cough and headache.
He is quarantined to his bedroom. We take him food, water, cold meds, etc....he sleeps and watches movies.:( I think he is on the upside....hope so anyways.

We had an emergency room visit last weekend with Zoe. Not CF related at all. Well, not exactly anyways.;) Zoe has an extreme fear of taking bandages off. Mainly due to PICC bandage changes. Sooo, being the parents that we are, have chosen the taking a band-aid off as a battle NOT to pick. So, we have always literally let her band-aids FALL off. Well, it finally bit us in know what.....her band-aid was bright RED all around it, I took it off to find a horrible, red, indented(literally the exact shape of the band-aid) yucky area. It looked horribly infected to me. So off to the small local ER to see. Nope, just a band-aid reaction from having it on so long. Uggghh. Guess we learned our lesson there.
Other than that, she finished her Bactrim tonight, 4 weeks solid. Her nose finally seems to be clear. She has her ENT appt. next week.

We also did interviews yesterday for the Children's Miracle Network Telethon that a local radio station was doing. Zoe actually talked on the radio! I was totally shocked that she talked! It was sooo cute, she said, "Hi Madison, Sydney and Alex, I love you!!!"

Sunday is our CFF Jacksonville Jaguars Tailgate function. We have been every year since Zoe's diagnosis. This year, Scott HAS to work:( so, just Zoe, one of the older boys, and myself will go. It is a terrific event, we love it!

Anyways, to the pics....they are of Caleb at his YCA, and of my flowers. This is the first year that I have such a wild variety of colors with my hibiscus's. Never have they had such variations. I love them! Enjoy!

Hope ya'll have a terrific weekend....
Take care of you and yours.....

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  1. WOW Caleb looks so grown up. There is nothing like a guy in Fatigues :P

    Glad to see you changed the ages. Proud of ya!

    Love ya!