Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Beach Vacation!

A very generous man offered his beach house for our family to use a couple of weekends ago! We haven’t been on a family vacation in years, it was much needed and appreciated greatly!
The house was perfect , the view was perfect, the company was perfect, I never wanted to leave. I have always felt a calling for the beach, maybe I was meant to be a beach bum. Except for the bum part. I spent countless hours sitting on the deck, enjoying the sun and ocean breeze.
We took all of our food for meals, we tried to make it extra special for the kids, so we had steak one night, mahi another night, Belgian waffles (with fruit, whipped cream, butter, syrup, sprinkles), icecream cones, eggs benedict. It was good. We literally stayed at the beach house the entire time. Scott did have to go into work a little on Sunday, so he brought pizza for lunch that day, other than that, we cooked.
It was so relaxing. The kids got up at sunrise the last morning and went out on the beach collecting shells. They spent a lot of time collecting shells, they ended up with well over 200.
The house had every thing I would have in my house. Stereo system that played in every room with controls in every room, even played out on the deck. Built in cutting board on the island, Kitchen Aide icemaker (made those perfect little ice cubes for drinks), wine cooler. Our shower had 4 shower heads and was the same size as my walk in closet! Oh yeah, the music played in there as well! A washer and dryer on both floors. The most amazing thing the kids loved, an elevator!! You drove your cars into the 3 car garage on the bottom level, then you could load you stuff into the elevator, go up to the 2nd or 3rd floors. It was a blast!
I haven’t been that relaxed in forever. It was great for our entire family. So, if the generous man that blessed us with this time at the beach, reads this, THANK YOU from the bottom of our hearts!!!!!!


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  2. What a fabulous looking vaca you had with family!! I particularly like the deck-feet-coffee mug-ocean view picts. You look great Jada! I'm glad everyone had such a blast.