Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Scary days....

I haven't posted on this subject...mainly because we were just so scared. Scott was sent home at 9 a.m. Thursday morning...they said his computer was 'flagged' by I.T. They took his badge, keys, computer, and sent him home. We have been trying to keep super busy around the house, doing 'fix-up' things that we never have time to do....meanwhile...wondering what the heck is going on.
We have some very good friends, who the husband works with I.T. people, tell us...no worries...big companies do this all the time. They are looking for people that might be 'selling' company info. Well, needless to say, Scott doesn't do that. So, for 6 days now, we have been wondering, going stir crazy....does Scott have a job...are we going to be jobless, homeless, insuranceless, etc...
We got the call at 4:15 this afternoon.....it's all FINE. Sure. We go through pure HELL for 6 days....wondering...and it's all FINE. He reports back to work in the morning. Big companies = SCARY.
All I have to say is.....THANK YOU GOD!!!!!!!!!!!! Thank you....the people that did know about thiss...for praying for us. We have a job still.
On another note....the kids get back Friday night! Yeah! We miss them! Zoe REALLY misses them. She needs someone else to play with besides mommy and daddy.
She has started coughing/clearing her throat more in the last couple of days. We will just watch for now....see if it progresses.
Better get some sleep....take care of YOU and YOURS....


  1. Wow, it sounds like you've had a very stressful time. I'm so glad that it's worked out so that Scott can return to work!

    I hope that Zoe stays "well" and that your kids have a safe trip back home to the warm, sunny south!

  2. Wow, I can see why you would be scared! How mean of them to do that to you:(
    Anyway, I'm so glad all is fine now. Hopefully the cough goes away soon,