Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Kids are home....

Sorry I haven’t updated in a bit…but things are a little wild around here right now.
The ‘missing’ kids returned safely Friday night! Yeah! They had the best time with their grandparents! My sister, Noelle, and her 3 little girls are staying with us all week. We have had a lot of fun! We ran out to the beach yesterday in hopes of sun, so she could get a couple of pics of her and the girls. It got all cloudy & windy on the way. So we stayed just long enough to get the pics and let the girls pick up some seashells.
Today is our 9th wedding anniversary! Nine years sure can go by fast! Happy Anniversary Honey! I love you forever and always!!
Zoe woke up with a 101 fever this morning….so we are watching that. She had a couple of coughing attacks in Wal-Mart yesterday….uggghhh. If her cough increases then I will be calling her clinic.
If anyone listens to the radio program “The Wall Street Journal This Morning”, tomorrow morning, Thursday, Gordon Deal will be airing a program “The Longest Commute”. Guess who will be in it???Yes, my husband! We have NO idea what Gordon is going to say….just hoping he puts some focus on CF, for the awareness. This is a NATIONWIDE program, so the awareness could be awesome!
Take care of you and yours…..


  1. Just when you think your kids are ok, they turn around & cough! Ugh! Hugs to Zoe!!!
    Yay, for Scott being on that program! Awesome!

  2. Happy Anniversary!

    I hope Zoe rebounds and is better very soon.

    Yeah for Scott getting on that program!