Tuesday, March 24, 2009

The past week

The Jenkins Family March 21st, 2009

My house is back to its normal status. The kids are all home. My parents and sister have gone back to Tn. It is different around here…we had 5 weeks with just Scott, Zoe and myself. Then a week with all my kids, my parents, my sister & her 3 kids.

The big secret that I couldn’t blog about, was a surprise party that we have been planning for 3 months! My parents read my blog….soooo…I’ve not been able to write about it at all!!

Everything went perfectly. Noelle and I stayed up very late for 4 nights doing a scrap book for them, it turned out beautifully. We also wrote questions like….what was your favorite car….what was your favorite song as a teen….which one of us kids gave you the most “headaches” growing up….which one of us kids was the most accident prone….what was your favorite house….what was your favorite saying your mom and/or dad said….etc…??? We put them in a bowl, then Saturday night we all gathered around them and asked them the ??, it was awesome! We all had a blast, talking and laughing about the past! I am proud to say that I didn’t make the most “headaches” or “accident” ones!!!!

My parents were completely surprised, they really had NO idea about it. Eight out of ten of us kids (with their families) came! I had 40+ people in my house for 2 days! I LOVED it! My little brother and his very lovely, 7 month pregnant wife, flew in Thursday night from Dallas. It was great having them here with us. Having Noelle here and Patrick was so much fun for me, I love having family around. It was sad to see them all leave.

My mom cried for 20 minutes after the initial “surprise-shock”. She hugged everyone forever. Dad just kept saying, “I can’t look at mom, or I’ll start crying too”. It truly was a gathering that they will never forget, nor will I
On another note, our little Zoe is sick. She has an extremely wet, junky cough. She is choking on mucus everytime she coughs. So….for the first time since her sinus surgery (3 months ago), she is on antibiotics. Oral Bactrim and Nebbed Gentamycin. If any of you cf’ers have ever nebbed Gent., you know how HORRIBLE it smells and tastes. Poor Zoe. 2 times a day added on to her other nebs. I feel so bad for her sometimes, having to sit for 2 hours in the morning, then an hour at night. Hopefully this will knock it out quickly.
Then of course, she isn’t eating quite as well, being sick. Her CF and G.I. appts. Are next Tuesday to do her weight check. Just GREAT. She hadn’t gained anything still as of last week before she got sick, so being sick sure isn’t going to help any.
Thank you for keeping her in your thoughts and prayers.

Laundry is calling….take care.


  1. You sure fit a lot of people into that photo! I wish you could label them all so I know who's who. You know, sister, bro-in-law, etc.

    I'm so glad that your parents were surprised and that you all could be together. That is very special.

    I'm sad that Zoe is sick. I hope that the meds help her quickly!

  2. So sorry to hear Zoe is sick:( She sure is a strong little girls to do all those nebs and meds! What a trooper! Praying she gets rid of that cough soon and feels better.

  3. As I type this you are downstairs primping yourself for an outing we are about to have. I have said it before, but since I tend to repeat myself, I will say it again....

    I am so happy that the suprise went so well. You are good daughter & the bestest friend a gal could ask for!