Friday, February 20, 2009

This week

I knew it was going to be tough without my kids being around.....BUT....this is crazy! (If you missed a few posts ago, my parents kidnapped my 4 kids for 5 weeks).

I am now Zoe's bestfriend, mom, play with me now, read to me now, talk to me now, etc...etc...etc... Phew! I am tired! I knew I wasn't made to be a mom of just one kiddo!!!

The bad points of my kids being gone:


I MISS talking with my older sons

I MISS them playing with Zoe so I can get a few minutes

Zoe misses them!

Pixie (Madison & Sydney's dog) hides under the bed, under the chair, wherever she can to get away from Zoe's clutches...I have no doubt she MISSES the girls!

I MISS my older sons hanging out with me after Scott falls asleep watching a movie...

The good points of my kids being gone:


I can PEE without shutting the bathroom door

I can come out in the morning with NO bra on under my t-shirt

I don't have to worry about kids walking in my room after my shower

Scott is very happy that I can wear itsy bitsy nightgowns around the house at night

Zoe and I can go out to lunch for $5.00

My grocery bill is so much lower that this week I was able to actually buy things like towels and bathroom rugs

Anyways, the kids got to see snow yesterday, the first time for Sydney and Madison!! They have ridden my parents horse, gone fishing, gone to church, gone to Sam's Club, watched my dad be ordained an Elder, been spoiled rotten by my mom's cooking and played a billion card/board games with my parents! I don't think they will ever want to come home.

The other night, sitting in the 'comfy' living room chair, I was tickling Zoe. She was squirming, laughing....then she did the inevitable 'head-bang' on my nose...with her forehead! I actually heard a crack! OMG! I cried, she whimpered....Scott came running with advil and wine! I believe it is cracked, I can't even touch it still, it hurts so BADDD!

We had the poodles groomed today. The little one (Pixie) is so skinny, she looks like a rat now. I prefer her fluffy, but when noone brushes her, she gets so matted that there are no other options but shaving her. Poor thing.

Zoe's culture results from last week came back. Of course, something new. She cultured Yeast. They do not treat it. Soooo, that was good news (I guess??). Also received a letter that her next CF appt. is scheduled March 31st, along with G.I. So, we have 7 weeks to get the weight on instead of 6.

I will post some pics from this last week...

Hope you all are doing great....take care of you and yours....keep up the FIGHT!


Pixie before 'grooming'

Poor Pixie after 'grooming'

A very nice lady sent Zoe 'healing stones', these are the 'blood stones & quartz chloride'

We rub them on her everynight while praying !!

Making brownies with Daddy

Anybody besides me ever have a sippy cup (for your kiddo) and a martini (for you) on your nightstand????? :)


  1. Wow 5 weeks! How do you do it?
    Love the pics. Healing stones...that's cool! Your dogs are soooooo cute!!
    Glad the culture wasn't too bad and Zoe is doing well.
    I missed reading your blog, b/c I lost my blog list on my the right side of my blog. Can you do me a favor and add the "Followers" feature to your blog just in case it happens again?

  2. haha a martin and a sippy classic.
    I took the photo of Breezy with the butterflys, I'm a photographer w/a studio but i carry a little snapshot camera in my purse for just normal everyday photos.

  3. I have tried time & time again to post a comment and keep getting an error message. But I am going to keep trying=)

    It's Mandy from Bonefish. It was great to see you last night. It always is. I am glad I finally was able to meet Zoe. See you on April 25th (if not before)

  4. testing, testing...just seeing if I can comment now!