Wednesday, February 11, 2009

My kids left today...

My parents stoll my kids!!! Honestly, they took them home with them for 4 1/2 weeks. Well, they took.....Austin 15, Alex 12, Madison 11, Sydney Kaye 7.....I think I might have a heart attack!!! :) Just kidding....but....being without my kiddos for guessed...a LONG time to ME....almost 5 weeks!!! I think I might go CRAZY!!!! Sooooo..... it is me, Scott....and Zoe. That is it. Oh my gosh. My house hasn't been this empty in.....hell....I can't remember when. Uggghhh.
Soooo, if you are on my calling list....BEWARE.... I may be calling much more OFTEN than usual.

On another note, Zoe has her CF appt. tomorrow, and her ENT appt. All in the same day! Please pray that she has had a weight increase....other wise, we will be discussing WEIGHT...Uggghh.

Have a nice night....take care of YOU and YOURS....


  1. Oh, my gosh what are you going to do? Spoil sweet little Zoe, that's what! :o) Praying for you today & hoping for BIG weight gain! hugs!

  2. i do not know how you guys do it. my daughter is bout to be 2 months old and tested positive for cystic fibrosis with the 1st we are heading to do the sweat test..i am so scared.. i pray that i can be as strong as you.. if you or anyone else has info on cystic fibrosis or just to chat for support my aim is imtheone4you88 and my email is i admire yu and your family for all the strenght you have and may all the luck in the world be on ur side