Sunday, March 6, 2011

Hospital Update...

Zoe came home Wednesday evening! Yay! She will continue doing another 9 days of home iv's and checking her blood sugar levels. Hers were high in the hospital. Endo was super nice though and gave her a pink blood sugar testing monitor, super cute.
She was so happy to be home with her siblings and Lilly, her puppy!
Her ct scan did show that she has Bronchiectasis now. We weren't too happy to receive that news. We are doing all the nebs, without fail, she has never missed even the other thing they added to try and help is MWF Zithro.
She is also doing Nasonex as a neb now. It has it's own machine...supposed to work better than the nasal spray.
Sinus ct still scheduled for the 11th, then consult with ENT to see if sinus surgery is needed. I hope we can wait a little longer. We will see.
Thank you for your thoughts and prayers for our little Zoe.
Take care of you and yours....

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  1. I'm glad Zoe is able to be home now. There's nothing like home! I was using my sinus neb as I read this. It's put out by Sinus Science. Is that the one Zoe has?

    I have Bronchiectasis, too. I'm sorry she joined the club at such an early age. Hopefully all that you are doing will help her feel much better.