Saturday, February 26, 2011

Zoe is in the hospital

Well, we had a good run...2 years without being in the hospital! Zoe has been off and on oral antibiotics since October. She has SOB (shortness of breath) when doing minor activites...literally like crawling across the floor or running down the hall. Her pft's have gone from 105 to 83 in the last 2 months. We all agreed (her doctors and Scott & I)time for a good dose of IV antibiotics.
She had a PICC (peripherally inserted central catheter-an intravenous access that can be used for meds & blood work for a prolonged period of time) line placed, with a little help from our friend Versed (sleepy med). It took two tries to get the line placed....but it is good to go now.
She had her ct scan of her lungs yesterday to check for Bronchiectasis. A ct of her sinuses will be done after the full 2 week course of IVs.
Unfortunately, things didn't go as smoothly as hoped today. Her Dr. came in and informed us that her sugars are high. She was tested for cfrd (cystic fibrosis related diabetes)two years ago and was borderline at that time. So he ordered the 3 hour glucose test for tomorrow. We are really hoping and praying her numbers are good. Adding cfrd to cf is tough.
She is in pretty good spirits. Had a little crying session last night. WHY do I have to be in the hospital, WHY do I have to have a PICC, WHY can't I be at is heartbreaking.
Will keep you posted on her hospital stay...
Take care of you and yours,


  1. Oh bummer! But, a tune-up is good every now and again. We will pray that there is no CFRD, that would be a royal pain...tell her that her friends in Maine are cheering for her and hope that the inpatient portion goes by fast! Hopefully, they'll send you home once her levels are good and she can ride the rest out where she wants to be...

  2. My sugars are always high when I am doing IV drugs. Hope you get home soon.