Thursday, March 25, 2010

Fundraising, infections and kiddos.....

We had our annual Ben and Jerry's Free Icecream fundraiser on Tuesday. The most we have ever raised was about 325....we raised $508.00 this time!! I was really surprised. There was a whole lot of $1.00 bills put into the bucket....those ones sure do add up! Thank God for generous people!!

Zoe still hasn't gotten over her sinus infection. We have been fighting it for over 2 months now. First we watched it....then we called in....then we had the 3 weeks of Augmentin....then we watched it for 2 weeks we have called it in again because it is still driving her crazy....runny, thick, yellow mucus, out of breath, etc..... sooooo... now we were put on Cipro. Yay. The fun begins. Anyone out there have any advise on how to deal with the "rules" on before and after times for taking Cipro with antacids and milk products??????? Any advise would be helpful about now.....

As far as me....I have had a few sad times lately. Does it get better? I sure as hell hope so. Yesterday there was a voice mail showing on my house phone. I hit the play new message....then it proceeded to play a message from Mel. From several months ago. It blew me away. I cried. Couldn't even listen to the whole thing. I didn't even know this message was on my answering machine. How can a message be there but I've never heard it for months???

My 3 middle kiddos left Tuesday for Tn. They will be staying with my parents for 4-5 weeks like they did last year. They have a blast when they go there. I miss them terribly, but know they are in the best hands!
I hope and pray you all are doing well..... take care of YOU and YOURS................................

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