Sunday, December 6, 2009

Zoe's appt. went ok, they would not give her the H1N1 booster because she was so sick. She has been put on 3 weeks of Bactrim. She is coughing a little less today and has more energy. Hopefully she is on the road to recovery.
Mel (my bestfriend) is doing the same. Her CO2 level got to be 81 the day after she went on the Bi-Pap, but now it is back up to 88, using the Bi-Pap. I am flying to New York tomorrow, a very generous couple has bought me my tickets and hotel near the hospital. Our oldest daughter, Tara, is on her way to our house right now to take care of Zoe while I am gone and Scott is at work. I couldn't make this trip if it wasn't for these angelic people in my life (the couple, my husband-Scott, Tara). People that know and love Mel, are hoping and praying that me being by her side will help her in some small way.
Please pray for Mel, Zoe and my family to be well while I am gone.


  1. have a safe trip! fly with angels! let me know if i can do anything! even though i'm not that close i'm closer than home!

  2. I know it's been hard with Zoe sick, but I'm so glad you can go be with Mel. I know your heart has been there. The generous couple isn't Peter and Jeanne, is it?

    I hope your presence makes a big difference for Mel!

  3. Safe trip and I know that you will make Melissa feel better. Praying for you and your family and I have been praying like I've never prayed before for Melissa and her family. God Bless Peter and Jeanne!


  4. Jada,

    My heart is breaking for Mel's husband and daughter. So amazing of you to be there with her. Love you!!! xoxo