Thursday, December 3, 2009

The last couple of days have been rough.
Zoe woke up in the middle of the night Tuesday with so much mucus in her throat, she was constantly choking. She has a really bad sore throat, runny, stuffy nose and a wet gunky cough. She was already scheduled to go to clinic tomorrow for her H1N1 booster, so, I'll let them take a peek at her then to see if they want to do antibiotics. We have had such a long stretch without her being sick.
My bestfriend has been in the hospital for 2 weeks now with a CF exasperation. She is not moving forward, but backwards. For the first time ever in her life, she was put on the Bi-Pap machine to help her with her breathing. Her CO2 level was 92. Normal is in the 20's-30's. She can't talk while on the machine, so she has her social worker calling me to give me updates. Thank God. I'd be going insane without knowing how she is doing.
It is so hard, being so far away (she lives in NY) and not being able to do anything. I have to admit I've been pretty scared about losing her. Please join us in prayers for her to make a turn around.
Another sweet, young, lady with CF passed yesterday. She was a mother to a little 6 year old boy. She died from complications with her CF from getting H1N1. Her name was Ginger, Gingerloveslife, was her user name for She loved life. Please pray for her family, husband, and son.
Well, a blog of yucky news. Sorry, but sometimes this is what it's like.

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