Thursday, June 4, 2009

Sundaes and homemade salsa....

Last night we had sundaes! Actually I should clarify this.....the GIRLS had sundaes.....I had a glass of wine... Considering the fact that Scott and I have started back on our Weight Watchers and working out....sundaes just don't quite fit in to the picture. Uggghh.

But tonight....I got to COOK again! I made California Fish Tacos....with a homemade salsa that Scott helped me make!! It turned out very yummy-and low in calories/fat!

I think the worse thing about me dieting is the fact that I can't spend my 1-2 hours in the kitchen, listening to my 'chillin mom-making dinner cd', having a glass (or two) of wine, and creating a meal for everyone to enjoy. I LOVE this part of my day. When we are dieting...we tend to do a Lean Cuisine, salad, tons of veggies. BORING!!!!
Sooooo....tonight I send you pics of sundaes....that I don't dare go NEAR....and the homemade salsa that Scott and I made....which is kind of pica in case you were wondering...(pica means HOT in spanish!)! Oh so fresh though! YUMMMM!

Hope you all have a great weekend! Take care of you and yours!



  1. Your little Zoe is a doll, and born the same month and year as my little lane... April 24, 2004.. Your salsa looks wonderful, remember making homemade salsa with my gram.. Not so sure about the whole gene thing, I see alot of people getting both Gene types, but my Dr. wasnt concerned with it.. He said we could spend a lot of money and may never know, and that it really didnt matter, for some reason he was looking for a severe gene or a more mild gene, not sure which mild one he was referring too, but he was really only concerned with the two to start and since it came back the delta 508, he didnt feel the need to go any further, he considered it the more severe gene.. I think it was because he is treating him agressively and finding the second gene wouldnt change anything.. My son's respirtory and digestive are both affected, he was sick a lot before, with alot of respiratory issues that were misdiagnosed, and the poop was always bad since birth, the doctor could not believe he maintained as long as he did... but he is doing alot better now with treatment. I have had a hard time finding alot of gene information online, so I really am not sure.. Is it worth it to find the second gene? and is that the only way to get the class... So glad to meet another mom with one the same age as lane.... I have realized how loney the CF world can be..

  2. See I am going to have to read up on the genes some more... I have just had a really hard time finding information... At least that is not way over my that will be a journey in itself... Thanks... marcy