Monday, May 19, 2008

Our Great Strides Walk

Great Strides has been going great!! Our walk has grown from about 25 people the first year we participated in it to over 200 this year! Amazing! It was such a beautiful thing to see, all those people raising money for the CFF. Our team, "Zoe for Life", has raised over $8000.00 so far! I'm pretty sure it will reach $10,000.00 when it is all said and done! Thank you all!!! We can't do this alone.

Zoe finished her 30 day course of Bactrim the end of April. She was good for 2 weeks. Then she got another infection that has made her extremely mucousy. Coughing, choking, etc...So, back on Bactrim last week. Her clinic appt. went good, her weight was very good! They are thrilled at how well she does with her weight. It does take a lot of work to keep it up. Every calorie and fat gram we can get into her!! They took her blood to check all her vitamin and iron levels again since there were a few of them that were low last time. Other than that, we just keep trucking...

My parents are in town right now, which I absolutely love! I wish they lived closer, but I am grateful that they are traveling now with their rv. My brother got married here a couple of weekends ago, it was so great having so much of us kids together again. There are 10 of us, so getting us all together has been impossible so far, but we had 6 of us there this time. I enjoyed them and their spouses tremendously.

I have a cf support group meeting tonight, so I better run...

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