Sunday, July 28, 2013

Hospital again..... :-(

After 4 xrays over the last month....persistent coughing while Zoe is sleeping...she's sooooo tired. She went to her CF Dr on Friday. They repeated another chest X-ray. Dr. came in room saying he was going to give Zoe a manual on how to make a lung xray look was a joke....but I knew that meant her xray wasn't better..

He then proceeded to tell me that her Atelectasis (collapsed lung) is worse. Not good news. He then told me we needed to do a sedated Bronchoscopy. This is a bit scary due to the collapsed lung.

So, tomorrow morning we will be at the hospital at 6:30 am....checking in for her procedure. If you don't know what a bronchoscopy is...please google it....

We really appreciate your prayers, thoughts, love, etc.....

Take care of You and Yours!!!


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