Wednesday, July 11, 2012

I thought I would post some older pics of Zoe.... It's amazing the difference!!  As far as an update goes... Jada received the results from Zoe's latest sinus scan and she has polyps growing again .... Due to the CF obviously.... I really hate CF! Sooo we will put her on another regimen of steroids, Cipro, and culturelle and see how she reacts. After this she will have another CF Clinic visit with her Pulmonologist docs, perhaps another scan, and we will re-evaluate her. Hopefully the meds will take care of it and she won't have to have sinus surgeries again.... Love your precious children.... Life's too short!!! Scott.... AKA Zoe's daddy :-)


  1. I'll keep Miss Zoe in my prayers. Hugs to you all....especially Zoe.

  2. Scott, Zoe, and family. praying for you. CF took my daughter just before her 16th birthday in 1999, and her best friend at 22 (post transplant) in 2002. CF is nasty.