Sunday, May 27, 2012

Hawaii .... Yay !!

Well... At the risk of repeating ourselves ... What else can we say?? We are so very, very grateful that words cannot adequately describe Zoe's incredible dream trip here to the beautiful island of Oahu... Today we snorkeled in Hanauma Bay and later enjoyed a fabulous late lunch at Dukes on Waikiki.... Fantastic...!!! Right now we are relaxing in our suite after a bite to eat on the 30th floor club... Zoe's doing her breathing treatments right now and will be doing her Chest Physiotherapy (CPT) shortly.... CAN'T ESCAPE CF!!! After this perhaps a game of cards or simply sitting on our balcony and enjoying the surf for awhile before bed.. We've taken a   plethora of pics and I PROMISE we will post a number of them shortly after we arrive home (edited from our Cannon). For now all you may see are a few iPhone pics... Which we hope you enjoy! 

Tomorrow Zoe will be attending the Mauli Ola Foundation surfing clinic for CFers .... I believe in Waikiki actually, and then... We will proceed to her Dream Come True... We will visit Sea Life Park where Zoe will actually get to swim with the dolphins...!!!!!!!!! Hurray Zoe !! 

I do want to take a minute and extend a very warm thank you to Mr. David Myiamoto of David Myiamoto and Company Photography here in Oahu who performed a wonderful professional photo shoot of our family here at the Sheraton Waikiki .... We encourage anyone I interested in this to seek out his services at   

In ending for tonight I would like to say a short thank you to the wonderful family I actually met in the elevator a few hours ago whom I was able to share just a little bit about Zoe and our family with..... Thank you for your values and for your love for this great country... 

PS: I suppose we need to move our contact info up.... Anyone wishing to contact us please just scroll to the bottom of the web page .... And you will find 

God Bless.... Take care of you and yours... Scott........Zoe's daddy 

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