Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Great clinic visit!!

Two weeks ago we went to CF clinic because Zoe was so sick. She was coughing so much that she could not to her breathing test (PFT's)....the best number they could get out of her was a 44%....PFT's are perfect if they are at least 100%...meaning you have 100% of your lung function. We received a 2 week pass to try oral Cipro and 5 days of Prednisone. Zoe's never been on Prednisone. It can be a drug with several side effects. She ended up with just a red face and legs cramping. But the drug did amazing for her lungs!!!! She stopped coughing after the 5 days. So today was her clinic visit....PFT's......drum roll.......she blew a 106!!!!! They were amazed!! I was amazed!!! Since she did so well....they decided to add another medicine to her daily routine. An inhaled steroid....hoping that we will get more time in between having to use antibiotics for her cough. Her Great Strides walk is this Saturday! YAY!!! It has been a super hard year fund raising....a lot of people just don't have any extra money to donate.....which is hard for us because the funds need to keep coming in for there to be a cure someday for this horrible disease that is ravaging the inside of our precious daughter. Please consider donating just a little! Every dollar helps!!!! The link to donate is on the right side of our blog.... Thank You from the bottom of our hearts!!!!!! Take care of you and yours..... Jada

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