Friday, January 28, 2011

Zoe's therapy dog...

After much consideration.....we now have a 12 week old Standard poodle. We have been seeing Standard poodles as 'therapy' dogs in the last couple of years at different places. Zoe does 2-3 hours of therapy everyday. Sometimes it is hard to always have someone sitting with her to keep her company. Sooooo the therapy dog idea came into the picture!
This was last year when we talked about it with Zoe. She was very interested. BUT...we couldn't find one for less than $1000.00 !! The average price was $1500.00!! Obviously, we dropped the idea.
Last week, while going to sleep, Zoe had what we call a 'meltdown'. She was crying, very sad and upset. She wanted a 'therapy' dog, to keep her company during treatments, one she could call her own, to love her. I felt soooo bad. Yes, I am a guppy.
Now, the magic of all this....we get this free local paper every week in the mail. I have NEVER seen an ad for Standard poodles in this paper. This week there was one!! Not only that, but they were CKC registered white 11 week old pups. For ONLY $250.00!!! I called the lady immediately...yes, she had 3 females Alex and I secretly hit the road to go get one! One of the pups (the one that we both liked the best),,came over to us and layed right next to us....she picked US!
Zoe was soooo happy!!!
We will train Lilly to sit with Zoe during all of her treatments. We think this will be a great thing for Zoe.

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