Sunday, July 11, 2010

Jazz's visit

Jazz has been here almost 2 weeks. She is having a terrific time! Tons of swimming, some canoeing, fishing, building tent city, playing a little Mario....her and the kids get along wonderfully. She also had her first ever Starbuck's...and LOVED it....we may have created a Frapp. monster :).

She has had a couple of sad times of crying where she needed me to hold her, cry with her and just talk. I'm hoping these times will help her in coping. (If you are new and aren't aware, Jazz, is my bestfriend, Mel's, daughter. Mel passed away in December from Cystic Fibrosis.) They live in NY and I made a promise to Mel that I would have her down in the summers.

Zoe has been doing awesome! She actually has been putting her face under the water in the pool now!!! That is a major accomplishment for our little Zoe who has had an extreme fear of even a drop of water on her face. So now maybe this winter we can work on sinus rinses. Ugghh.

Posted above is a new slide show of the last 2 months around here!!

Take care of YOU and YOURS,

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  1. You are a great friend to Jazzy (and to Mel). Hugs to you and to Jazz.