Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Where does time go????

Talking to Mel this morning, she asked me if I had posted a new blog since the one the 29th? I'm like, well, no, please don't tell me it has been that much time already. Ugghh. Where does time go?? I can't believe it is only 7 days until Terri flies into my airport and only 8 days until Mel and Jazz fly in! It seems like we were just planning the visit.....that was MONTHS ago. My parents were right. Time does INDEED go by faster as you get older.
We received a letter from Caleb. He sounds like he is doing fantastic in the Army Academy. They made him squad leader of his squad. It was funny reading how he is responsible for having them alll outside at 5:25 a.m. and also for assigning people to clean the barracks....he said if it isn't done...he is the one that gets in trouble. He finally will realize what it is like to tell other people what they have to do and how it feels when they don't do it. He also went repelling the other day, said it was a blast! He does pts, drills, and school. He did the Army opsticle course and left everyone behind! I felt very proud of him!
Austin is doing great in his second week of public high school. So far he seems to really like it.
Zoe started ballet Monday. She loved it! Sorry all the pics of her in her class are blurry. Rest of the kiddos are all doing good, getting their school done in the morning, then swimming all afternoon!
Scott and I went to our fav. Mexican rest. last night because they were having a Mariachi band. Like I need an excuse to go eat great mexican food and margaritas! It was a blast! They were very entertaining. Also picked up the money they have been raising for the CFF. They collect $1.00 for every rose pin-up. Then they tape them up. They had $170.00 collected! They want more pin-ups and posters of Zoe to put in all the bathrooms. They are such a great bunch of people!
I'm getting soooooooo excited about Mel, Jazz, Terri, Tara, Cecil, Dalton and Donna all getting here next week that I can hardly stand it!! We were discussing the wine bottles for that 4 days....we will be doing the "O box of wine"....or rather BOXES!
Zoe has ENT tomorrow, so I guess when she looks in her nose, she can decide whether the infection she has been fighting the last few weeks needs an antibiotic or not.
Must run make dinner now....take care....

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  1. That's awesome that they've raised so much from the pin-up fundraiser!