Friday, May 8, 2009

Good News Finally!!

YEAH!!!!!!!!!!!!! Zoe gained 2 whole pounds!!!!!!!!!!! In just over 6 weeks!!! Truly a lot of answered prayers!....and a lot of food!!! That puts her BMI at 54 %...they want it to be a minimum of 50 %, so we are good for now!!!

I did discover Haagen Dazs Icecream though! Did you know that the chocolate peanut butter has 23 grams of fat in just 1/2 cup!! OMG! She LOVES it!!

They don't need to see her until July now. We just have to keep stuffing her.....and pray that her culture comes back clean. Hopefully then we can have a few months break...she needs it.

Thank you all for your thoughts and prayers.....


  1. Way to go Zoe! That is fantastic!!!! Party for Zoe! And Reilly will be trying out that ice cream as soon as I hit the grocery store. Great job!