Wednesday, October 29, 2008

CT scan results

Good day everyone! I'm finally updating on Zoe. Since she had orals, Tobi, 3 1/2 wks. of i.v.'s, oral & Tobi, all since June, her doctors started mentioning maybe it was her sinuses giving her the cough, cough, clear throat that she does all the time.
So we saw the ENT, who ordered a CT of her sinuses. We got the results yesterday.
Yes, could very well be why she is still coughing, clearing her throat, and a bit more tired than usual. Her right is completely packed, full and bulging. Also above her left eye there is a spot that is full.
So she will be having sinus surgery November 21st. Then they will do a second 'quick' look & clean out 2 weeks later. The first surgery she will be in the hospital for 2 days. Of course they will culture everything out of her sinuses and also she (her doc) will get a culture of sputum from down her throat for pulmonology.
I hope she isn't in a lot of pain, this is really the first time she has had a surgery where they are doing something. She has had Bronchs, Endoscopies, PICC placements, but nothing before where they said she might be in some pain.
I pray this works for her and she can get a break for a bit, she hasn't had a break since that little 2 1/2 month break last Feb.

Hope you and yours are doing well....thank you for all your thoughts and prayers.


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  1. Sounds like she could very well benefit from the sinus surgery! I remember my first one and I did feel a positive difference in head aches and pressure.

    I've had 4 or so, and the main pain I remember is your throat. They have to use a tube down your throat during the procedure so when you wake up, your throat might be sore. There's packing in your nose for a couple of days too, and that's more annoying then painful.

    Just remember that it should help her feel better after. I hope she does well and feels better soon!