Thursday, September 25, 2008


Finally!!! Zoe's PICC was pulled!! Yeah! I have to tell you, the biggest thing with Zoe is the bandage on the PICC. "Don't touch my bandage!! Don't touch it!! " Those are her famous words.

So, needless to say, when you have to pull a PICC, the bandage has to come off. Her doctor, Kathyrn, prepared in advance, with music from her own personal ipod, music Zoe likes. Disney Princess songs. She let Zoe hold her player in her right hand, while she worked on the bandage on the left arm. She did panic a bit while the bandage was being removed, but it was much better than previously!!

Kathryn is an awesome doctor and person, she cares about her patients, goes out of her way. She (Kathryn&other docs) decided that Zoe should do another month of Tobi and 2 weeks of oral Augmentin. Just because she isn't quite at her 'baseline'. She is still clearing her throat frequently, not coughing though, which is great, considering she was coughing up to 75 times a day before her hospital admission. I will call tomorrow to get her culture results from Monday. I honestly cannot see how she could culture anything but normal oral flora after this onslaught of antibiotics. But then again, my dearest friend, Mel, who is 40 living with CF, pointed out to me that, Jada, this is CF, expect anything. Yeah, words of wisdom. I love her to death.

I found out that Zoe's doc has read my blog. How COOL is that???? She said it was great to read what you guys go through, outside of clinic. I felt like, WOW, that is awesome, they care enough to read about OUR lives. AWESOME !!

We are getting up early tomorrow. Early being 7:00 a.m., (we home school, so 7 is early for us) heading out the door by 8, to go to the CFF office to do some envelope stuffing for a few hours. All the kids are helping, so we have many hands! I am bringing all of Zoe's nebs, albuterol, pulmozyme, her vest, then her Tobi. We will do all that at the office while the kids stuff envelopes!! Then the kiddos have their flu shots at 1:30. Yeah. We won't even discuss the financial issues of late.....they have been crazy....with Tobi alone being $100.00!!! Uggghhh!!! No wonder I can never afford to buy "extra" things like clothes for everyone!!!

Alright, I guess I have talked enough....thanks for listening! Oh and place those bracelet orders!!!!! I want to get the order in next week.

Take care of YOU!



  1. Hey there! I read a lot of your blogs and Zoe sounds like an amazing little girl! I wanted to order a bracelet but was not sure how. Can you post that for us new users? Thanks!!!!

  2. Glad to hear that Zoe got her PICC pulled. I completely understand about the bandaid thing. Reilly won't even let you get near her with a bandaid! Hope Zoe stays well for a long time!!!