Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Storm and hospital update...

Well, due to Tropical Storm Fay looming all around our area...Zoe's hospital has cancelled all non-emergency admissions for the next 2 days. Then of course, the sedation and o.r. are booked the beginning of the week, so they have her scheduled for general anes., bronchoscopy and picc placement at 9:30 Thursday the 28th.

Of course, we could hope and pray that all her coughing goes away in the meantime and she doesn't have to be put in at all!!! As Keeley and I always say...we can always HOPE!

I just received the bracelets! They came out really GREAT! I love them, I hope you all like them also. I will be getting them all seperated and organized in the next couple of days, hopefully will have them out in the mail on Saturday!

Thanks for all the well wishes for Zoe,

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